Saturday, April 28, 2012

Environmental Interface

For our final project we were assigned to design an environmental interface for a space outside the UNCG Music Building. The site is located in on W Market Street in front of the music building and adjacent to the vegetation leading into Peabody Park. Our goal was to design a interface that would interact with pedestrians and motorists while creating a interface between UNCG and the Lake Daniel Neighborhood.

My design process began with deciding on a concept, twist. My first design idea came to me when I was playing around with a bundle of wire and stretched it out to form the shape you can see in the pictures to the left. My decision to go with a colored top came from thinking about where the sun would be located throughout the day. The sun would be located behind the walkway the idea of creating a reflection of color onto the sidewalk I felt would really engage the pedestrians.
To the engage passerbys even more I chose to try out the idea of bringing the metal across the sidewalk. Doing so created a conflict with the cover because there was no room for it. So I brought the colors from the top to the bottom and changed the material of the sidewalk from normal cement to colored cement which will also add a texture change and emphasize the idea of walking through a new section to the music building. I thought this design was successful, but wanted to push myself farther by creating a even more engaging design.

 In a moment of frustration I balled up my metal structure and gave up for a minute on the question of "what do I do now?" After staring at the mess I made of my project I noticed the continuous circles and overall very interesting shape it created. So of course I glued it down to the cardboard and connected the two metal structures together by weaving a piece of orange fabric between the two. Puzzled with the colored sidewalk I tried gluing it down underneath the structure I created and fell in love.  I am so pleased with the outcome of my design. It meets all the needs by engaging the pedestrians and anyone who happens to pass by while creating a interface to the Music Building and Peabody Park.

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