Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Post 11

The Bechlter Museum of Modern Art is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and fits the idea of present day modernism. This building is essentially designed to house 20th century modern art. This building is modern, sleek, and interactive. A key design element in the four story structure is the soaring glass atrium that extends through the museum's core and diffuses natural light throughout the building. The vaulted skylight system and an enveloping terra cotta exterior also proved visual interplay between the spaces.The beginning of the twentieth century was the start of the push toward modernism. Design has been duplicated and interpreted by architects and designers throughout history. Today, they are showing that there are more options to design then what has been created and recreated in the past, by the new modern style. The Betchler Museum of Modern art not only stands as a part of a unique contribution to the urban landscape of Charlotte, but also serves as a strong aesthetic among a group of individual design statements.


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