Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Post 4

Today we went on a walk around campus to distinguish "sacred spots." We were told to look for commodity, firmness, and delight: the three key elements. The sacred spot I found most successful in these three categories was the EUC.
Firmness: the EUC itself is made of concrete and brick, very sturdy materials. When standing or walking into the EUC from the portico you sense a feeling of protection due to the column style.
Commodity: the entrances to the EUC are off the main axis's of the main campus. The EUC is located in the heart of campus next to the library and dining hall.
Delight: The EUC is very attractive, it is a more masculine building, but it is pleasing to the eye. The flooring design and the glass doorway emphasize its beauty.

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