Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blog Post 2

The Curry building represents stacks. The building has more then one level and the stairs leading up to the entrance are stacks. 
 Circles are said to be sacred. The clock tower represents stacks because the top contains a circle with the time, which could be symbolizing how time is of the essence and sacred.
The detail on this building represent groves. The columns and square metal detailing are examples of groves for this building.

Do environments influence RITUALS or do rituals influence ENVIRONMENTS?
Environments influence rituals. For example, bathrooms are environments for showering and showering would be considered a ritual because that is what you do in the bathroom.

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  1. I enjoyed your connection to time as being sacred. Your ideas are great beginnings but need to be explored a little further. How does the current architecture of the buildings at uncg connect to some of the buildings of the past that you've been reading about?